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Suddha Dharma - The Divine Hierarchy

Supreme among the varied types of life that inhabit the visible world, mankind is also distinct from the rest of its created beings, because of the inherent nature of man's constitution admitting of incessant development and because of the faculty of his consciousness by which he continually endeavors to encompass the ideal. The ideal is one of perennial bliss; and even the very pursuit of this ideal is attended with a joy that is great in proportion to the quality of the means employed in the search. Every one of us, however slight in the vision or slow in the pursuit of the quest, cherishes an eager, though vague, a aspiration to reach to the ideal and, in so attempting, is vitally influenced by the infinite vicissitudes of time and place.

The world, in which man has his being, is also subject to the same influences, and the one reacts on the other; thus a correlation exists between man and the jagat or the world-process. This- correlation subsisting between man and the world is eternal, and the exertion, which he puts forth, to reach to the ideal is modified in accordance with this relation.

So, influencing the world, and being influenced by it, he often comes to regard some particular aspect of the ideal as of more importance than the others, and his hence lead away from what is otherwise a proper course of conduct. Various evils result from this partial emphasis, and much energy is expended in counteracting these evils; as a consequence, there is a falling away from the ideal. In order that humanity as a whole may not lose sight of the ideal, and that the faltering pilgrims may not swerve from the path, the Elders of the race are watching us with a compassion that They alone can sufficiently evince, and, by example and precept, keep the light ever burning so as to illuminate the path which, save for such lighting, would be dark, and the treading of it sorrowful and vain.

The sacred books of the east refer unmistakably to the Assemblage of the Hierarchs ever intent on universal weal. They are the benign Guardians, that toil with tireless zeal for the uplift of humanity, which "is Their beloved ward". Known to men as Suddha Dharma Mandalam, this Assemblage, which has its abode amid the forests of Badari situated on the northern Himalayas, consists of many Mahatmas, Siddhas, Great Rishis, and Seers drawn from many classes and communities of men, irrespective of social status and standing, which, obtaining here, tyrannize the children of the earth; among the members of this great Hierarchy are many women who by exertion and strenuous discipline have reached the level of the Siddhas or adepts, and continue to help the world. This Esoteric Organization has for its Head, Bhagavan Narayana; Yoga Devi, the embodiment of His ineffable energy or Sakti, is the divine Executrix of His will; and Naradeva (of Himself a portion) as representative of the Human Race is His Secretary.

This august Hierarchy carries out the commands of the Blessed Lord, and under Them is the body of the EIders, that look after and direct aspirants among men to securely pace the path and achieve the ideal of Brahma-Sameepya, approximation to the Absolute, by which alone is the ecstasy of eternal bliss.

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